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Re: Unbelievable

Carol DeCoursey <> Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 11:30 PM

Riana ----

Thank you for writing.  Let's see if we can clear up some misunderstandings.

Before you wrote, we had never heard of you.  We could hardly be slandering you!

We don't know what your client received, but if you would like to see what we have written about Windermere, please visit

You say Windermere is "only" a brand?  Ford Pinto was only a brand, and many Ford Pintos blew up.  WaMu was a brand, and so was Enron.  Both brands caused ruin to many innocents.

No doubt some Windermere agents and brokers are good eggs, and create no problem for their customers.

But the real test of a company is how it handles the problems created by the rotten eggs -- agents and brokers who rip their customers off.  Our experience -- and the experience of many others -- shows that when rotten eggs rip their customers off, the Windermere brand defends the rotten eggs.  The Windermere brand refuses to voluntarily make up the damage done, insists the customers sue, and then uses "scorched earth" litigation tactics to bring the customers to further ruin.

Riana, the Windermere brand even defended a brokerage that knowingly sold a meth lab house to an unsuspecting family.  The family was forced to sue, and won in trial court.  Even though the facts were beyond question, Windermere appealed -- that is, Windermere argued that the brokerage should get away with what it had done.

This is the brand name you wish to be associated with?

Good eggs surely would not want to be associated with such a brand.

If you and your Arizona Windermere brokerage disapprove of those business practices, we invite you to publicly denounce those practices.  Write to Windermere Real Estate Service Company in Seattle (the Windermere brand headquarters) and tell them; send us copies of those letters, we'd be happy to post those letters on our web page.

Fair enough?

Again, thank you for writing.

Carol & Mark DeCoursey